Practical Information

When is KazokuCon!?
28. May 2022 kl. 11:00-20:00

Kazokucon have a café where we offer all our guests allergy-friendly food, ordinary food, desserts and more. We will also have water-stations to make sure everyone stays hydrated.
If you have any allergies, we would appreciate it if you let us know in advance, so that we could prepare food for all to eat.

Kazokucon will have a luggage room where you safely can store your belongings. There will be crew present there at all times, and no one outside crew can enter. Storing your belongings here costs 10 NOK per person.

- No props can be any longer than 2m
- Shield: max 1m x 60cm
- Hard materials (wood, PVC, etc) can not be any thicker than 2,5cm in diameter.
- Nothing metal. (details are accepted, as long as they are small and not sharp.)
- Confiscated weapons will be stored by crew. They can be used in a photoshoot outdoors, as long as someone from crew are present, and only if approved by security.
- The weapon shall not be able to shoot anything at all. (Bow and arrow will be evaluated at the entrance)
- All firearms must have a colored muzzle (preferably red)
- No sharp edges
- If the weapon is being used irresponsibly, it will be confiscated.
- Chains and spikes: chains made of hard materials must be fastened in both ends, and no longer than 50cm. Spikes can not be sharp.
- Objects that makes a HIGH noise can be confiscated.
- You can find more information by sending a mail to or at the entrance on the con-day.

More info about where to sleep, prizes and discounts visit the FAQ page.