Location, where are we at?

Kazokucon 2022 will be located at:

Marikollen Kultursal
Øvre Rælingsvei 201
2008 Fjerdingby

To get to Kazokucon from Lillestrøm, you either have to drive, or you can take the bus. There are two busses: 350 and 310. Both of them start in Lillestrøm, so don’t worry about taking the bus in the opposite direction. If you take the 350 bus, you must go off at Fjerdingby, and then follow the signs roughly 500 meters. If you take the 310 bus, you can either go off at Fjerdingby Skole, or Rælingen Rådhus, and then follow the signs from there. This will be shorter to walk, around 100-200 meters.

If you decide to drive by yourself or with friends, you follow the road signs to Fjerdingby. That means you drive over the bridge from Lillestrøm (Close to Norges Varemesse), and then continues to the left in the roundabout outside the tunnel. You then follow that road until you get to another roundabout. Here you take to the right, and follow the road until you see a blue bridge over the road. That means you got the location on the left side of the road, and have arrived at the convention.

More info about where to sleep, prizes and discounts visit the FAQ page.