Frequently Asked Questions

When is Kazokucon?
- Kazokucon 2019 Myths & Magic will be saturday the 9th of June.

Where is Kazokucon?
- Kazokucon will be at Marikollen Kultursal, Øvre Rælingsvei 201 2008 Fjerdingby.

How do I get to Kazokucon?
- There is possible to take a bus from Lillestrøm, or you can drive all the way. We have plenty of parkinglots, so there will be no problem to find one close by. The parking is free.

Who can come to Kazokucon?
- Everyone can come. We do not have any limitations when it comes to age, although children under 16 are advised to not travel alone.

Where can I get tickets?
- The tickets are available here or just click the big "Tickets!" button up right.

What does a ticket cost?
- The tickets costs 200 NOK

Can I buy tickets at the door?
- There will be possible to buy tickets at the door, as long as we’re not sold out before that.

More info about how to get to KazokuCon, please visit the Location page.